Audio-visual improvisation by Deprogram at Vivid 2019

Photo: Rhiannon Hopley

Our first event for Vivid Sydney #AlterNative gives us a sneak-peek of their immersive creations coming to The Nun on Friday May 24 – open your mind!"The video fills the room, saturated colours, all animated, converse with each other and the audience. Ideas of source, direction, navigation and personality emerge from the flux and disappear as loops evolve. The music, all improvised, reflects and intensifies the moment. Electro and Dirty Techno are modulated to respond to the imagery and themes on view."

Posted by The Flying Nun by Brand X on Monday, May 13, 2019

Artist researcher, Mary Mainsbridge performs with long-running Sydney-based live electronic audio-visual collective, Deprogram at Vivid Sydney this Friday, May 24. Deprogram and live electronic act, Hoax Trinket join to create an improvised soundtrack for a panoramic video work by Sydney-based artist, J D Young. Their performance features motion-controlled instrument, the Telechord, processed voice, keyboards, electronic drums and bass.

Mainsbridge presents compositions and remixes from her forthcoming release, including new works for the Telechord, which translates whole body movement into string-inspired sonic textures. Interactive visuals depict the form and function of the non-physical instrument, while blending with Young’s colour-saturated video montage. Mainsbridge’s work draws on embodiment research, gesture theory, dance and the digital musical instrument design. It is concerned with developing transformative performance possibilities for electronic producers and musicians that strengthen movement awareness and unique forms of physical expression.

The event is hosted under the Alter Native banner by Flying Nun with Brand X as part of a residency program at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre that promotes multidisciplinary, creative risk-taking. Alter Native showcases independent artists who represent a contemporary counter-culture founded on experimental approaches.

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