Mary Mainsbridge - performance

Intangible Spaces

I am currently developing the work Intangible Spaces, which will premiere at Vivid Sydney on June the 8th, 2018. The performance piece is composed for voice and custom-designed gestural instrument, the etherstring. Much like the theremin, sounds are plucked from the ether using touchless gesture control, merging with the voice to create a hybrid sonic signature. Visuals depicting the sonic processes behind the instrument are projected onto the body, creating a shifting canvas of movement and sound controlled light beams. The dimensions of the instrument and body are projected alongside a subtly shifting visual backdrop by Sydney-based video artist, JD Young and complemented by hypnotic rhythm section featuring Robbie Mudrazija on electronic drums, samples and percussion and bassist Meeghan Oliver.

The work will be performed at Intangible Instruments, an event presented by 107 Projects: In Frequency, alongside performances by Donna Hewitt and Julian Knowles that explore the intangible aspects of voice and movement. Donna Hewitt, whose pioneering instrument designs, compositions and performances have uncovered new ways of interfacing the voice with electronic media, will perform a set with her eMic, a sensor enhanced microphone stand, and her newly devised wireless wearable interface. These interfaces allow the performer to manipulate electronic, acoustic sounds and her voice in real time by capturing bodily movements via sensing mounted on her body and on the microphone stand. She will also present a composition for two wearable interfaces and intelligent lighting.