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'Steamfields' performance at Woodburn Creatives Sydney
Download video


9:41 – Steamfields I

10:44 – Leap (verse 1)

12:03 – Leap (chorus)

20:16 – Steamfields (reprise)

21:47 – Ambient interlude

24:55 – Cracea

Stream an extract of ‘Steamfields’ above

Interactive audio-visual improvisation performed by:

Mary Mainsbridge – composer, vocalist, keyboardist, telechordist

Robbie Mudrazija – drummer and samples

Meeghan Oliver – bassist

Nick Mainsbridge – live processing/sound mixing, programmer of Telechord visual feedback

J D Young – video artist

Woodburn Creatives, Art, Music, Design Space, 1 -5 Woodburn Street, Redfern Sydney NSW

4 December 2021

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I have been revisiting recordings and photos of previous shows and also working on new playing techniques with the Telechord. This photo is from last year’s Electrofringe Festival at 107 Projects, Redfern.

Electrofringe 2013

Photo by Ash Berdebes, courtesy of Electrofringe

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Research Documentation

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