Data Lies

The world has become data centric, as human movement, online activity, purchasing habits and personal features are tracked and analysed by governments and businesses.

Mary Mainsbridge’s live composition, Data Lies, uses the data of body movement and voice to activate virtual instruments and reclaim control from mass corporations that use personal information for digital surveillance.

Data Lies is a live work for voice, drums, electric bass and novel movement-controlled instrument, the Telechord. The piece integrates the physical experiences and intuitive rhythms of the performer’s vocal and movement phrases with electronic processes and media, inspiring new choreographies and relationships between human and digital data. Through processed vocal textures, improvised rhythms, interactive audio and video projections, the work exposes patterns and connections in human data, revealing insights into felt experience and shifting emotional states.

Data Lies projections
Telechord visuals

Work in progress –

Intangible Spaces (sample)
Solenoid (drum & Telechord improvisation)
Solenoid (introduction)